About MedScience® Research Group, Inc. (MedScience®) develops proprietary disgnostic equipment and products directed to use by the primary care physician. The key criteria of such equipment and products is to provide the primary care physician with a broader avenue in which to practice evidence-based medicine where before it may have been necessary to refer the patient to a specialist. MedScience® focuses on diagnostic and treatment protocols that lower medical costs to patients and insurance providers while enhancing the revenue for the primary care physician community. 

The MedScience® business plan is an outgrowth of the changes being mainfested in today's medical universe. The corner stone of our corporate mission is to provide the primary care physician with a broader avenue in which to practice evidence based medicine in the treatment of chronic disease to the benefit of his patient while also enhancing the physicians revenue. MedScience develops or acquires proprietary diagnostic equipment directed for use by the primary care physician that will enable the physician to treat and/or diagnosis chronic diseases, such as allergy or cardiovascular disease, that previously would have been referred to a specialist. The company’s market strategy is driven by two intrinsic factors: 1) proprietary testing equipment and treatment methods fully utilizable by the primary care provider and 2) enhanced economic opportunities for the primary care provider not previously available.   

  Our Company’s mission and value’s, as recited below, illustrates how our organizations underpinnings are aligned.    


MedScience® aims to enhance the quality of life of individuals and populations through research, evidence based diagnostics and innovative intervention, while enhancing the physician’s practice through reimbursable procedures.  

Core Values

  • Everything MedScience® promotes, aims to positively enhance quality of life, and lower the known chronic disease risk factors that manifest themselves in poor quality of life.  
  • Everything MedScience® does is based on and/or guided by strongly supported science, empirical observation and conclusive evidence.   

MedScience® Goals

  • Deliver measurable financial benefits to key stakeholders through reimbursable proprietary products and improved quality of life outcomes for patients   
  • Empower individuals to control determinants of their quality of life  

Core Objectives

  MedScience® aims to be the best in the field by enhancing health and quality of life by systematically delivering measurable health, productivity and quality of life outcomes while enhancing the value of the general practitioner’s practice.    

  Our Existing Product lines 

The first diagnostic and treatment program that MedScience® launched was its allergy diagnostic and allergen immunotherapy system named AllergiEnd®. The AllergiEnd® product line is protected by four issued patents and a fifth pending application expected to be granted shortly, as well as our issued US trademark registration for AllergiEnd®. The company also intends to file for international patent protection for the design of its unique, asymmetrical test applicator. We also expect our patented test applicator to receive FDA approval in the very near future.    

The AllergiEnd® system enables the non-allergist primary care provider with means to test patients for a broad spectrum of allergens within the confines of its office, thereby enabling the physician to identify the specific cause of the patient’s allergies which can lead to targeted allergen immunotherapy treatment. The product line consists primarily of a disposable, one time use set of test applicators and a unique test tray for use with the test applicators. MedScience® also provides the physician with the know-how and training in immunotherapy to enable the physician to desensitize positive allergic patients, thereby treating the cause of the allergies, not merely the symptoms. In addition to enhancing the level of care the doctor can provide his patient; the testing and immunotherapy are reimbursable under established CPT codes thereby enhancing the physician’s practice.

Separately, the company intends to market it's unique patented test equipment to the specialist market as an equipment supplier. Initial exposure to the specialist market has received a very positive response to the unique product features that enhance the efficacy of the test process reducing error.

  Our New Product lines 

Any new MedScience product line will look to leverage our existing client relationships and distribution channels while offering new, innovative products and services with proprietary features that compliment our mission goal. In keeping with these goals, one of our newest product lines is focused on the leading cause of death in the United States and the developed world: Coronary Heart Disease. 

 What is most frightening about this disease is that nearly half of the deaths occur without any prior incidents or warning. Research has shown that atherosclerosis a primary cause of coronary heart disease begins in males even in their early 30’s and some research suggests even earlier.  Women show an accelerated level of atherosclerosis once past menopause and consequently experience a remarkably similar high level of deaths from coronary artery disease as men. 

   As with allergies, our physician clients have many patients that sufferer from obesity, high blood pressure high cholesterol, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, lack of exercise and tobacco use all recognized as significant factors contributing to atherosclerosis, and cardiovascular disease. Having an in-office test that accurately provides a direct measure of the patient’s arterial disease could prove lifesaving and enables the primary care physician to more effectively manage one of the most significant chronic diseases in our culture. Our test will provide a clear indication of whether the patient’s arteries have a mild, moderate or severe condition of atherosclerosis; care and treatment have been elevated to an exciting new level. Doctor and patient now have actual data to determine the proper course of action to take. Is prescribing a statin enough or is immediate intervention necessary to avoid a cardiac incident? From an easy to perform, relatively inexpensive in-office test, emerges a clear picture of the condition of the patient’s arteries. Previously the PCP could only gain this information by referring the patient to an interventional cardiologist who would then perform some expensive series of tests. Now the PCP maintains the patient relation, gains the knowledge to practice evidence based medicine and in keeping with our business philosophy this test has its own reimbursable CPT codes.