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Position Summary


The Senior Management Analyst reports to the Executive Chairman and Board of Directors. 

The Senior Management Analyst is accountable for the overall operating performance of the business and for the achievement of MedScience Research Group, Inc’s (MedScience) strategic and financial objectives that have been developed and approved by the Board of Directors.


Key Responsibilities/Authorities:


Analyze MedScience data and ensure that MedScience consistently has the managerial infrastructure to meet its plan for expansion, and to ensure its organizational infrastructure is ready to deliver high quality ancillary health programs to its primary health care, other physician and medical related clients. 

Day-to-day management and oversight of managerial divisions within MedScience pertaining to, 

· Financial Management 

· Business Development & Marketing 

· Quality Control Systems 

· Core operational infrastructure 

· Human Resources 

· Informational Technology

· Product Development

Set professional standards for MedScience’s work ethics, client relations, information work flow and employee culture. 

Work effectively to achieve MedScience’s required outcomes. 

Utilize acquired knowledge and in-depth industry experience to establish and/or develop productive relationships with a broad range of existing and emerging strategic health care entities such as Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), Management Services Organizations (MSOs), and Independent Physician Associations (IPAs), as well as the emerging new service organizations providing healthcare. 

Develop and implement new products and programs, business and information technology systems, procedures and organizational changes aimed to maximize profit, and reduce costs efficiently. 

Foster a smoothly functioning, efficient organization through anticipating problems and the timely and effective resolution of any disruptions. 


Competencies and Experience Required:


To perform this role the Senior Management Analyst needs to possess; general management experience of a high order, with a minimum of the previous five consecutive years in a senior executive management position directly related to the provision of ancillary health services to the primary care environment, and at least twelve accumulated years of related executive management experience in fields relating to the delivery and management of medical services.

The Senior Management Analyst must be responsive to the changing environment for medical services and funding and the related needs and priorities of the size, scope and complexities of MedScience and provide a balance among the competing interests by various divisions of the organization. Key challenges include;

· Managing the financial operations of MedScience 

· Meeting Board approved budget forecast

· Workforce supply 

· Client and public relations

· Carrying out all financial and regulatory responsibilities, and to consider MedScience’s exposure to risk


Education and Knowledge Required:


1. Master’s Degree in Business Administration or its foreign equivalent. 

2. Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Medical Sciences or its foreign equivalent and five years of progressive bachelor’s experience. 

3. Certificates in strategic planning and corporate governance or equivalent previous positions in corporate governance roles 

Demonstrated medical and scientific peer acceptance of leadership competency by previous;

· Representation on health care system or hospital Boards and medical society committee appointments  

· Published articles, books or text in medical and scientific literature 

· Medical conference papers and presentations 

· Demonstrated ability to gain the respect of and work cooperatively with physicians 

Demonstrated through previous job roles the following key competency areas;

· Economic, financial, commercial, business acumen, evaluation and specific technical skills to the position at hand;

· Strong organizational, leadership, initiative, and management skills;

· Interpersonal skills including the ability to interact with the medical profession, senior level physicians and educate, train and foster high performing employee teams;

· Understanding through practical experience the complexity of the primary health care system, and the insurance payment climate related to MedScience’s business; and

· Demonstrable experience in continuous improvement, quality initiatives and customer service principles.


Email Resume to: MedscienceHR@gmail.com 

To Apply:

Email Resume to: MedscienceHR@gmail.com